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Our cloud based system allows the Health & Safety inspector to quite simply tap a smart phone see the service history of any particular PPE unit, knowing it is properly kept and maintained

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How can a digital contactless platform offer a solution to your Health & Safety needs?

Because here at Adapt ID our team are “Adaptable”...

Our end-to-end cloud based Health & Safety platform was designed and built in-house when we were approached by a well know PPE manufacturer to help find a solution to enable tracking of their life vests and safety harnesses once out in the field. Their exisiting solution was using a hand written label with the next service date which faded in just days, with no indication of expiry dates, where it was serviced, who serviced it with, no monthly inspection or service notifications, which could result in void insurance and endless hours of office admin paperwork!

We worked with industry leading Health & Safety experts to develop a cloud-based platform where the inspector or user could quite simply, with the tap of a smart phone on any PPE units secure NFC label see the service history, knowing it is properly kept and maintained utilising the Adapt ID approved for purpose platform. This also allows the office staff to be automatically notified and instantly see the status of their equipment out in the field which is incredibly important for safety and insurance purposes. This benefits whoever is wearing the unit, and also protects the supplier and manufacture in the event of product failure, and more importantly is it safe to wear...? Where human lives are concerned its safety first. This is a fundamental requirement.

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Health & Safety NFC Tag System

By simply tapping our NFC Tag using a smartphone or tablet, this connects directly to Adapt ID’s platform providing the user with clear, precise up-to-date information on the PPE unit and the service history with no app download required.

Once the PPE unit has completed its service or safety check the inspector can simply update the details on the Adapt ID platform in real time, straight from their smartphone or tablet, which can notify your office team if you wish. Providing an uncomplicated platform to whether your PPE units are approved for purpose and enabling you to comply with your legal documentation duties.

Our tags are robust, durable and fully waterproof, as standard they come with our contactless logo printed although they can be produced showing your companies logo (volume dependant), they can be stitched on to the fabric or offered with secure pin fasteners.

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Safety Approved Platform

Safety protocols and walkthroughs in commerical premises are fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, the elevator facility and any other equipment or assets that require regular inspection. Simply put a Adapt ID contactless tag on it. This way you are always in the picture as to whether or not the person responsible for the walkthrough passed all the relevant waypoints.

If you run a safety approved company and need to be able to give proof of inspections and walkthroughs at any time, alongside optimising employee resources and improving safety, utilise Adapt ID contactless tags. Once they are attached to a certain place and updated in our cloud based platform, you can simply go over the different items by tapping your smartphone with no app download required. The employee is reminded by Adapt ID when the task is due, and the person responsible will receive a notification once the task is carried out. To scan the contactless tag, employees are forced to be on-site, and this gives the employer the security that everything was checked correctly and that they are covered and protected.

Protect yourself and your users... with Adapt ID

  • PPE Manufactures and Suppliers
  • Mountain & Search Rescue
  • Climbing Parks
  • Builders, Scaffolders & Construction
  • River Authorities
  • Life Guards
  • Police

Benefits compared with conventional labelling

  • Readability: No smearing, no fading, dirt doesn’t effect scanning.
  • Documentation: Complete and seamless - supported by Adapt ID's secure database connection.
  • Longevity: Immune to Chemical, mechanical and thermal stress (-20° and 70°).
  • Ease of use: Our platform was developed with simple user interface in mind with no app download required.
  • Protection: Whoever is using the unit, and also protects the supplier and manufacture in the event of product failure.

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