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Forward-looking marketers and advertising professionals are leveraging NFC to energise sales and deliver richer, more interactive experiences

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Today, hundreds of millions of smart phones and other devices are NFC enabled. New uses for NFC technology are being developed every day, deepening people’s relationships with iconic brands, and expanding opportunities for the world’s most inventive companies.

Forward-looking marketers and advertising professionals are already leveraging NFC to energise sales and deliver richer, more interactive experiences. Near Field Communication (NFC) is the technology that makes smart devices smarter. Because NFC is capable of secure two-way communication, it brings intelligence to physical objects and unlocks the power of other technologies. NFC-enabled phones, tablets, wearables, and other devices connect people to a world of convenience, information, and enhanced experiences at home, around town, or when they travel. A read range of just a few inches keeps data secure.

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Engage with your customers

NFC technology has already become one of the best technologies out there for the best customer engagement. NFC is the way to directly connect brands to the end-user in a highly customised format which makes it easy for anyone to use, with the only requirement of a smartphone or a tablet. Magazines, in-store displays, bus and subway posters, etc. all offer opportunities for customers to tap and NFC tag with their smart phones and/or wearables:

  • Dive deeper and get more information about your product/service
  • Watch videos
  • Find nearby store locations
  • Connect to social proof (testimonials, social media)
  • Read product reviews
  • Access unique discount code rewards

The Sky's the Limit

The greatest thing about the Adapt ID platform is that you can harness it to bring your dreams to life.

Our solutions can help support contactless applications, smart posters and business cards, mobile payments and ticketing, loyalty programs, promotional campaigns, simple electronic device pairing and setup, proximity data communication, printing needs, healthcare requirements, physical access control, and so much more...

Adapt ID empowers brands to increase their digital customer base, capture valuable data and benefit from deep insights. No apps or software required.

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Digital Contactless Business Cards

By simply tapping your Intelligent Business Card. Potential clients will be able to call, message, or save your contact details. Fully waterproof and durable, all our contactless business cards are made to order and are bespoke to your business. They require no additional app to open information, simply pop them in your wallet or handbag and take them anywhere and everywhere.

Imagine only carrying around ONE business card in your wallet or purse? With our Intelligent Business Cards, you won't have to.

Save money and valuable paper resources by turning your business cards into digital business cards that you can reuse to share your contact details, again and again. No wasted printing, or hard copies that just get lost or forgotten.

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Contactless Tags

Simply tap your tag on a compatible phone to instantly share your contact information, social media accounts, online menus, website links, music platforms and more. Using NFC technology no additional app download is required.

Simply stick to your door, desk, wall, or take them in your pocket anywhere and everywhere… Fully waterproof, scratch proof and durable.

You do not need to purchase the Adapt ID platform to use our contactless cards and tags.

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Step into the future.

Loyalty cards are the best tool to stay in contact with your customer and award them with discounts and benefits for being a loyal customer.

Our new contactless technology now allows the loyalty card an evolutionary step towards digitalisation. Customers no longer need to type in web addresses and voucher codes, or download and install irritating apps in order to enjoy discounts or view your own customer account. Just tapping our of our contactless cards or tags on your smartphone is enough.

Contactlessly connecting with your customers

The restaurant industry is seeing the emergence of new near field communication which is helping to streamline your customers ordering and overall dining experience. The placement of contactless tags and cards throughout your establishments, on smart posters, inside shop windows, and on menus, will allow customers to order via their phone in seconds with no app download or sign up required.

Cards and tags can notify customers once their table is ready, send them personalised discounts and even requesting drinks or appetisers whilst they're waiting, all through the Adapt ID cloud based platform.

Using our contactless cards and tags customers can order by a simple tap, and then settle up using fully contactless payment. It is even possible to request the assistance of the waitress, follow your hospitality venue on social media or even send you feedback.

Show customers what you do best

Let your brand shine through by adding your logo, photos and accent colours to your online platform.

Create your profile and platform so customised that your customers will think you built the platform yourself.

Text Message Alerts

With a 98% open rate, text messaging is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Keep in touch with your customers quickly and easily, sending important information or marketing offers.

Adapt ID helps you meet your online ordering, scheduling and notification requirements, streamline business management, and increase profit.

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Ther Adapt ID ecosystem combines all our products and platforms into a single, easy to use online application.

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