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Using Adapt ID's NFC-enabled smart tags and labels, goods can now be identified, located and authenticated all along the supply chain

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Today many companies and manufacturers are plagued by traceability and counterfeiting problems. Ensuring that your products are shipped safely and securely is critical.

Using Adapt ID's NFC-enabled smart tags and labels, goods can now be identified, located and authenticated all along the supply chain with just the tap of a smart device, protecting them from theft, tampering and counterfeiting. Removing the need for expensive hardware and no need for app downloads. With a simple tap of the phone consumers can identify, authenticate and check the handling of products all along the supply chain. Indeed the technology might one day replace barcodes entirely, as it doesn’t require line of sight or phones with scanning technology.

Our contactless NFC tags also have built-in security measures so that product information cannot be manipulated during freight delivery, ensuring that the business is providing the customer with an authentic product. Important data can also be verified by stakeholders along the chain, including customers themselves, verifying information like batch numbers, production and expiry dates.

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Poor or absent traceability systems, smuggling and counterfeiting damage the whole value chain as they:

  • Threaten brand name and reputation
  • Reduce authorized sales
  • Trigger the cut of funds destined to R&D
  • Endanger the health of end-users
  • Increase environmental risks for water, soil and wildlife
  • Cause the loss of jobs and lower governments’ tax collection

Safety Approved Platform

Safety protocols and walkthroughs in commerical premises are fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, the elevator facility and any other equipment or assets that require regular inspection. Simply put a Adapt ID contactless tag on it. This way you are always in the picture as to whether or not the person responsible for the walkthrough passed all the relevant waypoints.

If you run a safety approved company and need to be able to give proof of inspections and walkthroughs at any time, alongside optimising employee resources and improving safety, utilise Adapt ID contactless tags. Once they are attached to a certain place and updated in our cloud based platform, you can simply go over the different items by tapping your smartphone with no app download required. The employee is reminded by Adapt ID when the task is due, and the person responsible will receive a notification once the task is carried out. To scan the contactless tag, employees are forced to be on-site, and this gives the employer the security that everything was checked correctly and that they are covered and protected.

Contactless Tags

Simply tap your tag on a compatible phone to instantly share your contact information, social media accounts, online menus, website links, music platforms and more. Using NFC technology no additional app download is required.

Simply stick to your door, desk, wall, or take them in your pocket anywhere and everywhere… Fully waterproof, scratch proof and durable.

You do not need to purchase the Adapt ID platform to use our contactless cards and tags.

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Text Message Alerts

With a 98% open rate, text messaging is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Keep in touch with your customers quickly and easily, sending important information or marketing offers.

Adapt ID helps you meet your online ordering, scheduling and notification requirements, streamline business management, and increase profit.

Benefits compared with conventional labelling

  • Readability: No smearing, no fading, dirt doesn’t effect scanning.
  • Documentation: Complete and seamless - supported by Adapt ID's secure database connection.
  • Longevity: Immune to Chemical, mechanical and thermal stress (-20° and 70°).
  • Ease of use: Our platform was developed with simple user interface in mind with no app download required.
  • Protection: Whoever is using the unit, and also protects the supplier and manufacture in the event of product failure.

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